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In order to assist our clients, Curtis Management Resources has developed a suite of software products designed to reduce the manpower requirements associated with regulatory compliance. These products are based on Microsoft Access, are fully customized to our client's specific needs, and may be modified to meet changes in regulatory requirements or business priorities.

MSDS Management System

Our MSDS Management System is designed to reduce the amount of manpower required to maintain and update facility MSDS files. In addition, the MSDS Management System significantly enhances the usefulness of MSDS in protecting employee health by providing immediate access to critical health and safety information.

Benefits of the MSDS Management System include,

  • All MSDS are stored on computer
    • No more books of MSDS to update
    • No more lost or misplaced MSDS
    • No more problems with different sets of books containing old versions of MSDS
  • Hazardous chemicals and product compositions are linked to MSDS
    • Use of particular hazardous chemicals may be tracked and monitored
    • When used with our Inventory Management System, SARA 312 and SARA 313 reports require only minutes to prepare
  • Hazard Evaluations are linked to MSDS
    • - Hazard Evaluation provides detailed record of anticipated hazards, protective equipment, and special operating procedures, based on projected product use
    • - Documentation is always available for OSHA inspectors, employees, or corporate auditors
  • Product labels are produced in compliance with latest OSHA requirements
  • Archived MSDS are kept on computer, eliminating filing cabinets full of old or unused MSDS

Training Management System

OSHA record keeping for employee training can require significant manpower. The Training Management System is designed to minimize the time required to update and maintain employee training records and assist operating personnel in determining employee qualifications and certifications.

Benefits of the Training Management System include,

  • All employee training records are computerized and immediately accessible to the training coordinator. Specific reports available include,
    • Training and job history of specific employee
    • Names of employees not meeting training requirements
    • Twelve month schedule of training requirements
  • For ISO 9000 companies, equipment certifications are tracked and appropriate reports generated as needed
    • Job site certification requirements can be specified and tracked
  • Updating training records is simplified
    • Batch processing allows multiple employees and multiple training sessions to be documented with a few clicks
    • Hardcopy documents (tests, sign-in sheets, training syllabus) may be scanned and attached to specific training records
  • Training documentation is always available for inspection by OSHA inspectors or corporate auditors
    • Targeted reports allows for production of only required information. Other data and records are not exposed to unnecessary scrutiny

Emissions Management System

Companies with air emissions sources are being required to collect and maintain vast amounts of data in order to ensure compliance with permits, and to produce mandated monthly, quarterly, and annual reports. The Emissions Management System reduces the manpower required to prepare agency reports, and protects the company from fines and citations associated with out-of-compliance operation.

Benefits of the Emissions Management System include,

  • A complete reporting system
    • Annual, monthly and daily emissions by product or emissions unit
    • Annual, monthly and daily raw material usage
    • Reports for HAPs, VOCs, SARA 312, SARA 313, and OC emissions
    • Compliance reports including total VOC and hourly VOC emissions
  • Ability to differentiate between emissions associated with different modes of operation and clean-up
  • Immediate information on compliance status and daily emissions

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