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The cost of weak Safety and Health programs goes far beyond the initial cost of medical services, lost production and personal injury. The lack of a strong program contributes to poor work place moral, opens up the potential for fines and legal actions from regulatory agencies, and increases the overall cost of doing business by setting a standard for poor performance in all aspects of operations.

Curtis Management Resources can assist in developing a strong Safety and Health program by providing the techniques, procedures, programs, and resources needed for effective Work Place and Process Safety Management programs.

Regulatory Compliance

Curtis Management Resources can provide the technical expertise needed to maintain an appropriate level of regulatory compliance.

Accident Prevention

Successful safety programs all place a heavy emphasis on Accident Prevention. Curtis Management Resources provides companies with technical and managerial support for the development of effective Accident Prevention programs.

Work Place Safety

Although compliance with OSHA regulations is mandatory, compliance, by itself, does not guarantee a low employee injury rate. In some cases, OSHA regulations do not provide sufficient protection, while in others, the workplace may present special hazards not regulated by a specific standard. Curtis Management Resources has the expertise needed to "go beyond" OSHA regulations and build a World Class safety program.

Process Safety Management (PSM)

Companies that handle large quantities of flammable or toxic materials are required to implement a Process Safety Management program under OSHA 29 CFR 1910.119. With Registered Professional Engineers and Certified Hazardous Materials Managers, Curtis Management Resources is capable of providing the support needed by companies complying with PSM.

Industrial Health

Curtis Management Resources is prepared to conduct a variety of Industrial Hygiene sampling and monitoring programs, ranging from industrial noise to toxic air contaminants. In addition, our engineering support can assist companies in taking the next step in controlling or eliminating the hazard.

Staff and Employee Training

Experienced trainers allow Curtis Management Resources to present lively, relevant training for all levels as mandated under a wide variety of regulations.

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