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Curtis Management Resources is prepared to assist clients in meeting the challenges posed by the new and changing world of environmental regulation. Specifically, CMR is ready to help our clients minimize the cost and impact of regulations by providing effective programs, policies, procedures and training. As many have learned, the most expensive aspect of any regulation is ignorance of its requirements.

Regulatory Compliance

Curtis Management Resources can provide technical assistance in determining which regulations apply, and the current level of compliance with those regulations

Plans, Programs, and Procedures

The experienced professionals at Curtis Management Resources can develop the written Plans, Programs and Procedures needed to achieve compliance with the specific regulations applicable to your facility. With our experience, these products are both complete and practical.


Curtis Management Resources has the expertise and experience needed to provide cost-effective assistance in obtaining required air and water permits. CMR support can simplify the entire permitting process. From reviews to determine which permits are required, through the development of permit applications and facilitating application approvals, to an explaination of the terms and conditions of issued permits, Curtis Management Resources is your source for professional support. In addition, our Emission Management Software can simplify you compliance record keeping.

Staff and Employee Training

Experienced trainers allow Curtis Management Resources to present lively, relavent training for all levels as mandated under a wide variety of regulations.

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