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Process Safety Management

The Process Safety Management standard is designed to prevent disasters when facilities handle large amounts of flammable or toxic chemicals. Although compliance with the standard can require a large amount of effort, the approach embodied within the standard is very simple.
  • Make sure that the facility design is adequate for the level of hazards being handled.
  • Ensure that the process technology is well documented and communicated to all who might effect changes in that technology.
  • Ensure that the people operating and repairing the equipment are adequately trained.
  • Prevent changes to equipment, control systems, and operating procedures from occurring without adequate review.
In order to accomplish these goals, the PSM standard requires the development of a written PSM program for each facility exceeding the threshold. This program shall address each of the twelve elements of the standard.

Whether the process is a new design, or an old unit that has recently exceeded the regulatory threshold, Curtis Management Resources is prepared to provide the technical expertise needed to meet the requirements of PSM.

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