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Work Place Safety

Some companies mistakenly assume that compliance with OSHA regulations will provide their employees with adequate protection from work place hazards. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In many instances, companies that are in compliance with OSHA still have employees being injured on the job or involved in incidents that have the potential for serious injury.

Part of the problem lies in the rule-making process. Even though safety professionals have developed more effective means of hazard control and employee protection, incorporation of the latest technology into the regulations can take many years. In effect, the very process that is supposed to protect workers hinders the introduction of innovative safety solutions into the work place. This means that companies interested in raising their safety performance from
in compliance to World Class must look to the safety professionals in order to acquire and implement the latest hazard control technology and safety management techniques.

Curtis Management Resources is uniquely qualified to assist companies trying to introduce the latest safety technology into their work place. The combination of Registered Professional Engineers, Certified Safety Professionals, and a Master Certified Hazardous Materials Manager gives our clients access to the latest in safety technology and management techniques.

Some areas where Curtis Management Resources' professionals can be of particular assistance include the following,

-- Machine Guarding
-- Hazardous Chemical Handling
-- Respiratory Protection
-- Energy Control (Lockout)
-- Safety Program Management
......* Safety Committees
......* Behavior Based Safety Programs
......* Operating Procedure Development

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