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Industrial Hygiene and Health

For over 3,000 years, employers have looked for ways to protect their employees from the dangers associated with handling hazardous materials. Although we have come a long way from the ancient mines of Rome, protecting the health of our employees is still a critical concern for companies working with hazardous materials.

Curtis Management Resources has the technical resources needed by companies trying to protect their employees, and comply with the various regulatory requirements.

Work Place Monitoring
Curtis Management Resources is prepared to conduct detailed investigations to determine the presence of hazardous chemicals or conditions in the work place. Industrial noise, organic, inorganic, and particulate air contaminants, biological contaminants, and indoor air quality are just some of the monitoring programs CMR is prepared to implement.
Program Development
Curtis Management Resources is positioned to assist your staff in developing effective safety and health programs for your facility. CMR professionals have a wide range of experience ranging from the development Respiratory Protection programs for lead and other air contaminants, through Hearing Conservation programs for industrial noise exposure, to Site Safety programs under HAZWOPER. Regardless of your Industrial Hygiene needs, Curtis Management Resources can provide the technical assistance and expertise needed.
Compliance Audits and Inspections
When your employee's health is at stake, non-compliance with your safety and health programs should not be an option, and the only way to ensure compliance is through a program of regular, objective, inspections. Curtis Management Resources can provide companies with comprehensive audits and inspections to determine the true state of compliance. In those instances where deficiencies are noted CMR has the engineering resources to recommend corrective actions appropriate to the company and work place.
Employee Training
Although written programs, regular audits, and management involvement are all necessary ingredients in an effective safety and health program, inadequately trained employees will continue to be injured. Curtis Management Resources can provide effective, engaging, training sessions for your employees, or train your staff to present our materials in our Train-the-Trainer seminars.

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