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Accident Prevention

In the old days, accident prevention programs consisted of telling employees to "not get hurt" or to "suck it up" when something did go wrong. Today, with our increased understanding of how accidents occur, and a realization that the cost of preventing an accident averages one-tenth the cost of fixing the problem after someone gets hurt, profitable companies utilize the following strategy.
  • Discover hazardous conditions or behaviors before an accident occurs.
  • Eliminate the hazardous condition or behavior
  • Audit to ensure that the fix is permanent
  • Investigate accidents and incidents to determine the root cause and apply corrective actions
Curtis Management Resources is has helped several companies to significantly reduce the number and severity of employee injuries through the development and implementation of an effective Accident Prevention program.

Hazard Identification
Because unidentified hazardous conditions or behaviors are the cause of a majority of industrial accidents, hazard identification is a critical first step in any effective Accident Prevention program. Unfortunately, plant personnel are often hampered in their hazard identification efforts in a number of critical areas.
  • Lack of experience with hazards. Most personnel involved in operations have had relatively little experience with accidents. While this is good insofar as the facility accident rate is concerned, this lack of experience increases the likelihood that critical hazards may go unrecognized until an accident occurs.
  • Lack of time. A thorough hazard identification inspection requires a significant amount of uninterrupted time. Even with the best of intentions, facility personnel are usually pulled away from inspections to handle the latest "fire"
  • Lack of training in formal hazard evaluation techniques. A wide variety of techniques and tools are available to help ensure a complete and thorough hazard evaluation of each manufacturing unit, but experience and training are required in order to select the proper strategy and ensure its successful application.
Curtis Management Resources is prepared to assist companies in their hazard identification efforts in one of three ways. For companies that wish to utilize their own personnel, Curtis Management can provide training to help your hazard identification teams get started. If desired, CMR can then provide on-going support to the hazard identification teams as they are conducting their inspections and evaluations. Alternatively, CMR is prepared to conduct unit or facility inspections to identify and quantify potential hazards.
Hazard Elimination and Control
With nearly thirty years of engineering and production experience, Curtis Management Resources has a vast reservoir of expertise to draw upon when searching for the right method of controlling or eliminating hazards. Depending upon the particular circumstances, Curtis Management Resources can offer a wide range of services, from technical support and program development through turn-key installation of engineering controls.
Facility Audits and Inspections
As part of our Accident Prevention program, Curtis Management Resources will typically conduct staff training on the proper methods of conducting facility audits and inspections. CMR is also prepared to provide third-party, audits as a means of establishing an objective standard of performance.
Accident Investigation
Although some accidents are solely the fault of the employee, in the majority of cases, the root cause of the problems can be found elsewhere. Investigations that "find" the easy answer not only leave the real problem unfixed, they also become a source of serious moral issues. Curtis Management Resources is prepared to provide training to your staff on the proper techniques of accident investigation, or, if appropriate, CMR professionals can conduct a thorough investigation of specific accidents or incidents.

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