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Staff and Employee Training

Employee Training
Curtis Management Resources training professionals can provide your employees with interesting, effective training on a wide variety of topics and skills. The CMR approach treats participants as competent adults interested in developing their skills and abilities, rather than as reluctant conscripts for whom entertainment is more important than content. CMR training sessions rely on lively, interactive discussions between participants and professional instructors with plant and operations experience. Although some video and multimedia is used, it is designed to augment, rather than replace, the trainer's presentation.
Staff Training
Curtis Management Resources is prepared to develop and present the specialized training needed by supervisors and managers to effectively manage the environmental program. Specialized training on such topics as Incident Command and Management, Emergency Response Reporting, and Recordkeeping is available, as is more generalized training suitable for all levels of management. Train-the-trainer programs are also available.
Training Records Management
Not only do companies have to provide training for their employees, they must also provide documentation on the content and results of that training. Traditional training records systems relied on the "folder" method which becomes cumbersome and inefficient when more than twenty employees are involved. In addition, if companies are involved in ISO certifications, then more recordkeeping requirements are involved, and the management burden increases. Curtis Management Resources offers the Training Records Management System to reduce the effort associated with training records management, and ensures that critical training records are always available when required.

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