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Regulatory Compliance

Determine Applicable Regulations
CMR will work with your company to determine the specific regulations that apply to your operations. Our skilled professionals can then assist you in interpretating the applicable regulations to develop a comprehensive understanding of pertinent requirements.
Compliance Audits
CMR is prepared to conduct in-depth audits of facilities and operations employing personnel with extensive production and engineering experience. Comprehensive reports are then submitted to company management detailing those areas where regulatory requirements are not being meet, and providing recommendations for achieving an appropriate level of compliance. Because of our extensive background in production and engineering operations, audits conducted by CMR provide realistic, rather than theoritical, evaluations and recommendations
Employee and Staff Training
Provide training for the workforce on applicable regulations and requirements needed to maintain compliance.
Regulatory Reporting
Prepare, or review, reports required by regulatory agencies prior to submittal by the client.
Compliance Software
CMR offers the Emissions Management System software to assist clients in meeting their monitoring, record keeping, and reporting requirements.
Management Support
Support management in discussions with regulatory agencies to insure a clear understanding of rights and requirements.

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