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Permit Applications and Compliance

Permit Applications
Curtis Management Resources provides the technical expertise and regulatory insight needed to acquire air and water permits that provide maximum operational flexibility while minimizing recordkeeping and compliance burdens.
Perimt Compliance and Recordkeeping
Almost all air and water permits contain recordkeeping and monitoring requirements. Curtis Management Resources can help companies reduce the time and resources required to meet these requirements by providing customized software to automate recordkeeping and reporting functions. Alternatively, CMR is prepared to negotiate with regulatory agencies on your behalf to reduce the compliance burden.
Permit Reviews and Compliance Audits
Curtis Management Resources is available to conduct permit reviews and facility audits. Facility audits, which are encouraged and protected by USEPA , are used to determine compliance with existing permit conditions. Such audits assist executives in managing the environmental compliance programs by providing objective feedback on performance. Permit reviews may be used to determine whether perations have changed sufficiently to justify applications for permit modifications to reduce recordkeeping requirements and/or operational restrictions.

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