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Crisis Management

One of the greatest challenges faced by any business occurs during and immediately after a serious Environmental or Safety incident. If not handled properly, these situations can result in significant regulatory actions, such as fines, criminal sanctions, and additional inspections and permitting. If the public has been involved, an aroused neighborhood or activist organization can ultimately destroy the business.

Similarly, an effective management team can minimize regulatory impact and increase public confidence through their demonstrated control of the incident. In order to be effective, the management team needs to be prepared to deal with the complexities of the incident, the conflicting demands of regulatory agencies for action, and the needs of the media and public for appropriate, credible information.

This preparation requires practice and guidance from experienced professionals. Curtis Management Resources has extensive experience in managing crisis situations and dealing with the media and the public, and has developed a Crisis Management training seminar for management teams which includes both the Incident Command System and Media Relations.

Incident Command System
Curtis Management Resources is prepared to assist companies interested in strengthing their Crisis Management and Emergency Response skills by,
  • Assisting in the development of an Incident Command System suitable for the operations and hazards present at the facility, and consistent with the recommendations of OSHA [29 CFR 1910.120].
  • Provide training for incident commanders and leadership personnel on the essential elements required to develop and implement an effective Incident Command System.
  • Provide and guide simulations of work place incidents, and supply feedback for future improvement.
Media Relations
Regardless of company size, failure to work effectively with the media during and after a crisis can have serious, long-term, implications for any company. Curtis Management Resources can help protect company interests and value by preparing your personnel for potential media interactions.
  • Define and clarify long-term objectives of media and managers
  • Define and explore the roles played by both media and company personnel
  • Provide training and exercises on presentation skills.
  • Conduct video taped interviews and simulations of incidents to develop effective communication and media management skills.

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